Flora and fauna

When you dive into the clear water around Skottevik, you will find a special and beautiful underwater world which is created by the warm Gulf-stream.

A glimpse back to the surface will show the beautiful game of dancing sun-beams, and few meters deeper you can explore the world of the codfish, lobster, salmon and flounder. A great variety of flora and fauna will fascinate every diver. With a visibility of 10-30 m you will always find something to explore.


Between anemones and dead-mans-hands you will meet crabs, nudibranches, various kinds of fish and different seastars. Groups of cod, pollocks and mackerels are patrolling along the steep walls. The variety of colours will let the hearts of every uw-photographer beat faster. Our diviesites can compete with the Mediterranean Sea at any time. «Wreckies» will find a great number of wrecks from different epochs in the vicinity nearby.