When you dive into the clear water around Skottevik, you will find a special and beautiful underwater world, which is created by the warm Gulf-stream.

A few meters below the surface, you can enjoy yourself in a world of cod, catfish, colorful wrasse, large flounder, lumpfish, crabs, lobsters and much more. ‘Wreckies «or shipwreck enthusiasts can enjoy a range of different known and unknown wrecks, perhaps some of the best? We offer trips to the  «Moselle», «MS Gudrun», flyvraket «Dornier» and others.


Visibility is normally very good and between 12 to 20 meters. On good days visibility can be up to 35 meters. The water temperature varies with season.

There is also developed a handicap program where people with disabilities have the opportunity to experience the underwater world. Separate application also for companion.

It is prohibited to use your own compressor on the area considering not disturbing other holiday guests. There are drying rooms and outside flush and air filling 200/ 300 bar. All use of our diving facilities must be agreed in advance and may add additional costs in accordance with the  prices for these services.