Traveling to Skottevik

From Skottevik Feriesenter it is 22 km to Kristiansand/ Color Line and 22 km to Lillesand. And only 19km to Kristiansand Dyrepark(The Zoo).

Directions to Skottevik Feriesenter:



From east: exit 86 after Lillesand. Follow rv 420 towards Høvåg. Than follow the sign to Skottevik Feriesenter(rv 401)

From west: Exit 87 etter Dyreparken, 12 km east from Kristiansand. Follow rv 420 towards Høvåg. Follow signs towards Skottevik Feriesenter (rv 401).

There are express buses from both western- and eastern parts of Norway to Kristiansand and Lillesand. From city centres in Kristiansand and Lillesand buses drive to Skottevik Feriesenter in Høvåg. Check the bus company «Nettbuss» website on, or contact them on tlf: 815 22 450.

Kristiansand Station, than With bus number 139 from Kristiansand Rutebilstasjon towards Høvåg and Skottevik Feriesenter .

For train, contact NSB’s customer service on tlf: 815 00 888, or visit

if you come to Kristiansand Lufthavn Kjevik, with plain you can come to Skottevik Feriesenter either with a car rental, bus (from Kristiansand) or taxi.