Fishing sites

Where is it best to go fishing?

Skottevik has its own fishing guide. Wolfgang has a lot of experience and knows the local conditions around Skottevik very well. He will help our guests with advice and tips for seafishing and the best places to find the big fish.


Bottom and top of rocks looking out of the water are traditional good fishing places. Our guest can receive a seachart from our guide, where these places are marked.

Sandy bottoms under the rocks, grown with shells, are very good places for turbot and plaice.

Wrecks are very often habitation for different marine organisms and a lot of small fish. Life circulation in the sea contains small fishes that are food for many different sorts of predatory fish.

Examples of fish which are to find nearby or on wrecks are ling, plaice, greenfish, turbot and megrim.

Along land:
In Skottevik you have the benefit driving only short distances by boat to reach deep waters. That means, it is also easy to catch fishes from land. If you – after some hours in a boat  – still want to continue, just take your angling rod and walk a short way to fish from one of the rocks on the shoreline. Cod, plaice and whiting are species to catch from land.


We welcome you to Skottevik and wish you a pleasant fishing trip!